Been Hard freezing in the Copper River for over 3 days, If you are wanting to go fishing in lakes do it now!!
Grayling should be biting well, try black or olive stone fly nymph beadheads , Pheasant tail bead heads or tiny egg patterns.
Silvers tailing at the mouth of the little Tonsina Creek, wouldn’t bite.
Really wanting to catch some whitefish…..they should start running soon, contact me about whitefish fly patterns, Sourdough Joe

Match the Hatch

Rainbows in a local stocked Lake west of Glennallen are feeding on Tiny Black Water Beetles. Call me at 1-816-316-0645 and I will tell you what lake after you order a dozen beetle flies, Har, Har The Gulkana River was high and muddy yesterday and the Klutina River has dropped but there is no fishing going on there now. Stocked lakes in the Copper River Valley seem to be the best option at present……Go Now because if freeze up occurs the lake fishing can turn off like a light bulb Sourdough Joe

fishing news in the Copper River Valley and Valdez

The Fishing Derbies are over in Valdez, but there are still fish to be caught. Contact Prospector Outfitters(1-907-835-3858) for fishing info and Tackle. Streamer flies and Egg Patterns should work for silvers and try the Robe river for Dollies and salmon. Try fishing at Allison point and the valdez boat harbor for silvers. Use eggs, herring or lures for silvers. Red, Orange, or chartreuse Pixies. Buzz bombs in silver color just slaughters them. Rainbows are taking about any kind of fly in stocked lakes in the Copper River valley. An Old River Guide told me that Reds are still in the Gulkana river, but it has become high and Muddy. Grayling should be in abundance in the Gulkana now, use a black snowshoe fly, Black stone fly bead head, or a Pheasant tail bead head should Work. Sourdough Joe